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Kuma Adonai (Arise O LORD)

Songs of Warfare and Worship sung by an all sabra believing choral group. Hear Hebrew—the ‘tongue of the prophets’— from native Hebrew speakers! Some of these songs are national hits in Israeli Messianic congregations!

           Kuma Adonai (Arise, O Lord!) $15.99 US

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Mi He’amin (Who Hath Believed?)

Hebrew and Aramaic prophecies in song. Here is the Old Testament life story of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah—from His conception until His glorification.

           Mi He'amin (Who Hath Believed?) $15.99 US  

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A unique album of Hebrew worship songs composed especially with translation in mind. This beautiful dual Hebrew-English edition is one of a series of foreign language productions.

           Halelu $15.99 US

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