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Ramon Bennett, the founder and executive director of the Arm of Salvation Ministries also writes for the Update, the periodic newsletter of the Arm of Salvation Ministries. The Update keeps readers informed on current events worldwide that affect Israel and, also, on the ministry of Dr. Bennett and his wife, Zipporah. A minimum annual donation is requested for the Update to offset production, printing, and mailing costs, which currently runs at US $20.00 annually. If a subscriber wishes to donate above this amount please use the DONATE page and the gift will be put toward the Bennetts’ ministry and personal expenses.

The Update can be received either via regular first class mail or by e-mail in PDF format, random samples of past issues can be downloaded or read on this site.

Random Samples
April / May 2008    April-May 2008.PDF
1.6 MB
 May / June 2009  May-June 2009.PDF
1.7 MB
August / September 2010   Aug-Sept 2010.PDF
1.6 MB
April / May 2011   April-May 2011.PDF
1.4 MB
 May / July 2012  May-July 2012.PDF
1.5 MB
 February 2013  February 2013.PDF
1.4 MB

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